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Kullamust is 100% pure apple juice

Our plant is located in Southern Sweden, right on the Kulla peninsula in Skåne. Since 1929, we have proudly maintained and developed the tradition of making natural
and fine clear Apple Juice, which we in Sweden call “Apple must”.

Kullamust contains only the finest selected apples that are pressed, filtered and
eventually bottled or packed in environmental friendly containers ready for
consumption. Despite a state of the art production technique, the Must Master’s
experience is still instrumental to the process of achieving the right mix of apples, not
to mention his taste buds.

The taste is nature’s own. We add nothing to the process, it is free from additives like
sugar, water, preservatives or coloring, The result is a pure clear Apple juice which we
call “Kullamust”. It is a natural good tasting beverage with a unique fresh flavor, well
balanced of elegance, acidity and sweetness, giving you the absolute taste of apple.

Our products

In our product range you find only the finest products with a natural fresh taste. Our products fits most occasions,
from being the beverage simply cutting your thirst, to be that natural drink to go with a good tasting meal.

Kullamust contains only carefully selected apples, pressed and tapped on bottles. In addition to our original flavor
Kullamust Apple, you may also try our flavored alternatives, all carefully spiced with only the finest natural juices. All
our products are free from alcohol.


Pure clear apple
juice from carefullly
selected apples.


Pure clear apple juice,
spiced with raspberry
and mint.


Pure clear apple juice,
spiced with rhubarb.


Pure clear apple juice,
spiced with fruit juice
from pear and an
ounce of ginger.


Pure clear apple juice,
spiced with fruit juice
from strawberry and a
pinch of cardamom.


Pure clear apple juice,
spiced with cinnamon
and vanilla.




Kullabygdens Musteri
Mjöhultsvägen 354
S-263 94 Mjöhult


+46 (0)42 651 00




Peter Carlsson
+46 (0)70 685 49 90

About us

You find us in southern Sweden, in the small village of Mjöhult, located in the middle of the Kulla peninsula, a landscape widely known for its scenic beauty and the Kullaberg. The area is also known for the ”terrible sin in Mölle”, allowing men and women to go swimming together.

Mjöhult was once known for being the junction for the trains that went to Mölle, filled with travelers arriving from Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin and St. Petersburg. In the event the passengers disembarked the train, you could visualize a hazy picture of bank directors, traders and women dressed in crinoline mixing with the local peasants with jute bags loading their produce to be transported to the cities. At that time Mjöhult had a dairy, apple must and cheese production, as well as a general store creating a much activity in the small village.

Finally a day came when the trains no longer stopped at Mjöhult. The farming was modernized and Mjöhult began its journey towards anonymity. The dairy and most other businesses were shut down. The apple must production floated like a drunk in a storm and in the beginning of 1990 it was up for sale. The news quickly spread in the area and caught the attention of the Carlsson brothers, Janne, Anders, Martin and the current Must Master Peter;

“None of us had a clue of how to make apple must, but we all remembered how good it could taste with a nice cold glass of apple must on a warm summer day”.

A force as good as any if you decide to buy an apple must factory. It helps to get advice from someone old in the game. Peter became an apprentice of the previous Must master Sven Andersson , at the time 80 years of age. He was taught the craft of making pure and clear applemust the classic way according to artisanal methods. Of course, naturally good tasting.

During the first harvest season the Carlsson brothers could see how the cue of cars grew along the country road that passed outside the factory. Everybody wanted to leave apples and have them pressed. The brothers concluded that there must be growth potential in this venture.

The machinery was replaced and improved in order to increase capacity. Packaging and labeling became more contemporary cuts even if the bottles of course, remains the traditional, long, tall neck.

We still believe in the same old fundamentals as when the trains used to pass by Mjöhult; never compromise the craft, taste, quality, or a more than 80-year-old tradition.